What's Up Wadau?

How to Make Money and Survive in Kenya

The Journey Begins Here

Making passive income online and retiring early should be your goal. We’ve assembled the most easy, actually working, and actionable methods that anyone can use to create an income online. All you have to do is to read, act, rinse and repeat as many times as possible and you’ll be in the money.

This is how it all started…

Back in 2019, I discovered an unexpected talent that sparked an entrepreneurial journey. Sensing an opportunity, I decided to create a website to share my skills more widely.

That first website purchase ignited an enduring passion for the world of writing and online business. Through a friend’s guidance, I taught myself how to build an engaging platform that could attract an audience. My eyes opened to the potential of the online space for transforming lives.

Since then, I’ve pursued various entrepreneurial ventures – from YouTube channels to affiliate marketing, CPA offers to cryptocurrency. Each taught powerful lessons that I’m now condensing into this new website.

Consider it my way of paying forward all that I’ve learned about finding success online.

Here you’ll find tips on writing, coding, marketing, and finance alongside my entrepreneurship insights. Resources I wished I had when starting out.

My goal is simple: to empower you to back your talents and turn your ideas into income streams. Because everyone has that potential within them. Often, they just lack the right catalyst. I hope my story and this website can be that catalyst for you.

The core is helping others realize their online business potential by sharing my own journey. One that started unexpectedly but ultimately led me to where I am today.

Abraham Ahtila

Writer & Online Entrepreneur